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ClassNo.TMS ClassTMS No.Sub-ClassWheel Arr.BuilderStatusPurposeBody TypeLocationNotesC&W NotesSourcePhotoConfirmed
#4039 of 1925
OverhaulMOTAT - Western Springs Railway)1925 - 1978 NZR Service
1953 rebuilt as diesel-electric
1978 MOTAT
2020 re-entered service

Photo: Western Springs Rly, 12/2012
0-4-0Motorenfabrik Oberursel, Germany
of 1912
StoredWestern Springs Railway (MOTAT)Thames Valley Drainage Board
NZ Mercury Mines
1968 Western Springs Railway (MOTAT)
2018 MOTAT overhaul (Recommenced)

Photo: MOTAT, 11/2020
T175T559T-4NZR - Addington
of 1965
In ServiceCattle WagonWooden CladWeka Pass Railway1997 - 11/2020 Ocean Beach Railway
11/2020 to Weka Pass Railway
Rail Heritage

Photo: Ocean Beach, 06/2017
SM-Rail Register (from group)